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Kenny Chesney Reveals How He Impressed The Ladies Before He Was A Star

Kenny Chesney

“Doctor” Kenny Chesney used to rely on his math smarts to “impress” the ladies before he could make them swoon with his Grammy-winning songs.

The country star visited The Kelly Clarkson Show on June 17th and got on the subject of pickup lines. We assume his smooth vocals could easily land him some dates today. But he took a different approach in the past.

“Well, I used to try to impress girls by quoting different formulas—like mathematical formulas,” he told Kelly. “And sometimes, it worked, and sometimes they looked at me like I was crazy.”

After the admission, Kelly Clarkson decided to see just how much he remembered. While he was talking, the producers shared the quadratic formula on a screen behind him. Then Kelly put him on the spot and asked him to recite it for the audience.

“This was burned into my head in high school,” Kenny shared as he tried recalling the closed-form expression.

“Doctor” Kenny Chesney Is “In Different League”

It took a few moments. But after remembering the full name of the teacher who taught it to him, he quoted the equation with ease. And it worked—Kelly was impressed.

“How many dates did that land you?” she asked with a shocked face.

Kenny was honest with his response. While reciting formulas may have dazzled a few ladies, it didn’t exactly fill up his calendar.

“A few,” he said. “But yeah, I mean, not as many dates as my guitar did.”

Kelly Clarkson kindly admitted that it wouldn’t have gotten him far with her either.

“If I was on a date, and someone said anything like ‘quadratic formula,’ I would just know that we are not meant to be together,” she laughed. “I would be like, ‘Oh man, you’re in a different league.'”

Kenny Chesney then remembered that his alma mater, East Tennessee State University, handed him a PhD when he dropped in for a homecoming celebration in 2022.

“Maybe that’s why they gave me an honorary doctorate,” Kenny joked.

This story’s featured image is by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp.

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