Kelly Clarkson Proves Once Again There’s Nothing She Can’t Sing With Uplifting U2 Cover.

Close up of Kelly Clarkson singing passionately into a mic, her mouth wide open and her eyes closed.

No matter how many times Kelly Clarkson proves to be an insanely talented singer, she’ll never cease to blow us away with the level of her talent. Recently, the superstar did this once again on her beloved talk show. The moment takes place during one of her best segments, Kellyoke. A play on the word karaoke, Clarkson uses this time to sing her own version of popular songs.

On January 15, Clarkson chose to go with a song by U2 — and the one she chose has significance. As a reminder, that particular Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And the song she sang was Pride (In the Name of Love).

Kelly Clarkson Beautifully Covers Meaningful U2 Song

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Considering the fact that U2 wrote the song about King, Clarkson chose an especially fitting song. As a result, many fans took note of this choice and pointed it out for those who may not be aware of the significance.

“For those who don’t know why she’s covering this iconic song today on Dr MLK Day, the lyrics in this U2 classic ‘early morning April 4… ‘ and that entire verse she sang refer to the day they ‘took his life,’ April 4, 1968, in Memphis,” one person writes. “Kelly is a class act all the way.”

Kelly Clarkson gazes into the camera with a serious look as she sings into the mic during a Kellyoke segment on her show. Folks playing instruments and singing background vocals are behind her.

As usual, Clarkson seems to effortless belt out these powerful lyrics, adding the depth and emotion needed for such a meaningful song.

“Kelly has the voice and the heart to sing and understand this song with the respect and passion it deserves,” another person shares.

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