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Dog Mom Creates Special “Lair” So Rescue Pup With Separation Anxiety Feels Safe.

Most dog owners would move mountains to make their canine friends more comfortable, and Kealey Pennell is no different.

Kealey, who lives in Sydney, Australia, is a dog mom to a 3-year-old rescue pup named Lemmy, who has “extreme separation anxiety.” Not wanting to see her poor girl struggle, Kealey recently took to Facebook to share the adorable home modification she made just for her!


“There is a small unused nook downstairs that Lemmy seems to find comfort from nestling herself in,” she wrote. “This weekend my partner and I decided we would turn it into her own little ‘Lemmy’s Lair.'”


They started by ripping everything out of the small closet and made sure to include Lemmy in the transformation process every step of the way.

“The whole project has been supervised by none other than foreman Lemmy herself,” Kealey explained. “She helped us with the painting and came with us to Bunnings to pick up what we needed.”


Then they got to work! It was no quick task to add new shelves and repaint the entire space, but with Lemmy’s constant encouragement, they managed.


When they finished the remodel, Kealey added some sweet family photos and stored Lemmy’s things on the upper shelves. The result was a “lair” fit for a queen!

“She knows it was all for her and seems to be enjoying it!” Kealey said once they’d moved Lemmy in.

Best of all, Kealey found the perfect pet-themed fabric to make a custom doggy cushion to line the floor. Much better than lying on the ground, isn’t it, Lemmy?


The incredible post quickly went viral, leading plenty of other dog parents to ask how they could create their own perfect space for their pups — and show Lemmy some love. That’s when Kealey set up an Instagram account for Lemmy.

“Thank you so much for all of the love on our little project,” the dog mom wrote in an update. “It’s warmed my heart so much to read all your beautiful comments, especially seeing all the other Lemmys! Lemmy, her dad, and myself are definitely feeling the love right now!”


We’re so glad Lemmy has a space where she feels safe no matter what’s going on. Great job, Kealey!

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