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Abused Pitbull Was Days From Being Euthanized, But Now He Can’t Stop Hugging Woman Who Saved Him.

Kayla Filoon is a volunteer dog walker for an animal shelter in Philadelphia. One day, a ‘beat up’ pit bull named Russ was brought in as a stray and stole Kayla’s heart in an instant. The little guy sat in his kennel and sweetly stared at Kayla until she decided to take Russ home as a foster… but the newly formed fur family wouldn’t be temporary for long. As you may know, pitbulls have a habit of debunking their long held stereotypes.

Kayla started documenting Russ’s cuddly ways the moment she found he was such a snuggle bug. The result as gone viral for all the right reasons.

1. When Kayla saw Russ for the first time…

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