Kate Hudson Dishes On Her Debut Single And Her True Love: Music.

Close up of Kate Hudson at a book signing. She's smiling slightly as she tilts her head.

Over the years, Kate Hudson has made a name for herself as an actor in popular movies like Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. All this time, though, the A-list actress has been secretly passionate about the idea of taking a shift in her career. That’s because, turns out, acting isn’t Hudson’s biggest passion in life.


Rather, this Los Angeles native has always had a deep connection to music. She didn’t grow up in a musical household, though, and her trajectory in life drastically changed when she got her breakout role in Almost Famous. But now, Hudson is ready to take a chance with music, a sentiment most of us can relate to at some point in our lives.

Although Hudson loves the music process as a whole, what she connects with the most is songwriting. This could be seen even when she was a kid.

“I’d listen to a verse and I’d go back and I’d try to understand it, and then I’d listen to the pre-chorus,” Hudson tells American Songwriter. “I didn’t realize that I was doing it at the time, but I would deconstruct music in my head to learn it.”

She’d also take the time to rewrite other people’s songs. In doing so, she learned to develop her own voice as a songwriter. This is something she continued to do for herself even when acting became her career.

Kate Hudson Shares Inspiration Behind Talk About Love

It’s no wonder, then, she chose to be involved with the writing of each song. So, as scary as it feels for her to share music that feels so personal, she’s finally ready. To kick off her musical career, she released Talk About Love, a song she wrote with her partner, Danny Fujikawa, and singer-songwriter Linda Perry.

“So the song as a whole is about [how] we should be talking more about love,” Hudson explains. “We talk about a lot of things, and we’re living in a very complex time. And the thing I think we need the most is to talk about … what love is and why it’s so hard for us. Why is it so hard to connect in that purest place?”

According to Hudson, this song encompasses the overall message of her album.

“So I felt like this was the perfect lead-in,” she continues. “It’s so fun. I can’t wait.”

As Hudson and her fans excitedly await her debut album’s release, there’s no telling what the future holds. But one thing is for sure: music and, most importantly, songwriting will always be a key part of the actor’s life.

“I’d like to go into the end of my life writing for me or for people,” Hudson shares. “I love to write music. Singing is one thing. I want to sit in a room with a bunch of people and beautiful artists and experience the collaborative writing experience with them. There’s nothing like it.”

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