Dog Mom Refuses To Give Up On Obese Golden Retriever And Helps Him Lose Over 100 Lbs.

Even though dogs are adorable when they beg for food, we have to be careful about what and how much we give them. Otherwise, they could have an experience like Kai, a sweet golden retriever who ended up weighing 173 pounds because of extreme overfeeding. 


According to the American Kennel Club, a healthy golden is typically between 65 and 75 pounds, so it’s no wonder Kai had extremely limited mobility. Because of this, his owners gave up on him and took him to the vet to be put down. Thankfully, the vet refused and helped the pup find the perfect new forever home instead!

The vet knew Kai would be able to live his best life with proper care, so Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue put him up for foster care. That’s when Pam Heggie took him in and committed to helping him get healthy again.

To start off, she put Kai on a veterinarian-monitored diet and exercise program. Since his weight made it difficult for him to move, they had him take walks in a water tank. The support carried some of his weight and took pressure off his legs. 

Clearly, Kai didn’t mind all the workouts. Before long, he had dropped over 100 pounds! Without the excess weight causing him pain and frustration, he could run around, play, swim, and go for long walks like every dog deserves to.

Even better, Pam officially adopted him and is showering him with love and affection every day!

Nowadays, the trim and fit Kai, who weighs just 68 pounds, is not only a happy pup, but he’s also a therapy dog! He went through several months of training so he could go to hospitals and visit sick patients who need a little cheering up.

“Kai loves being a therapy dog and he loves going to the dog park,” Pam said. “He is the best travel partner. He loves the car and has flown in a plane and been on a ferry. He loves to travel and we like to go to the national parks and Vancouver to visit family. He is amazing.”

Congratulations, Kai! We’re so glad you’re able to enjoy your life to the fullest now with your amazing mom!

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