Little Girl’s Passionate Incorrect Lyrics Leave Dad Hilariously Exasperated.

It’s not easy to catch every word in a song.

How many times have you found yourself singing what you thought were the right lyrics, and you were actually way off? In a delightful new video posted by the Kabs Family, we meet a little girl who sings with so much confidence that we almost don’t notice she’s botching the words.


The Kabs have their own YouTube channel and live in the U.K. They’ve earned a large following across their social media pages thanks to their funny, relatable brand and entertaining vlogs, pranks, and challenge videos.

A recent post features Tay and Maliya, the cutest father-daughter pair we’ve seen in awhile. They’re sitting in a parked car listening to some music when Maliya starts singing along to “Candy Girl” by New Edition. The only problem is Maliya doesn’t really know the words.


Dad’s face says it all! As he listens to his daughter go on and on, he gives the camera a look of long-suffering. “You’re getting the lyrics wrong,” he informs her.

Unperturbed, Maliya continues to sing her version, adding in some emphatic pointing for good measure.

She moves through two more songs as Tay listens with a weary look on his face. His little one may be too cute for words, but when she snatches his phone from his hand, he’s finally had enough.


Tay might have been done with this sing-along by the end of the day, but we can’t get enough! We certainly don’t care if she gets the words wrong. Maliya can serenade us all the time!

Watch their silly encounter in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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