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Just Keep Swimming! Goldfish Gets New Lease On Life Thanks To Custom Wheelchair.

beautiful disabled goldfish using his wheelchair to swim

A beautiful disabled goldfish has a second chance at life thanks to his owner’s invention.

When his owner saw that many of his goldfish friends had died due to a swim bladder disorder, he knew he had to do something to save this little guy’s life. This disease is pretty common among aquarium goldfish and stops them from swimming properly. It makes them either float upside down or sink. Therefore, the goldfish’s owner, who is a fashion designer and aquarium enthusiast named Henry Kim, came up with the brilliant idea of building the equivalent of a wheelchair for his beloved goldfish.

It took hours of watching tutorials and researching to create this floating device. But after some long hours of work he got it done, and it fit his little goldfish perfectly.

Now, the colorful little guy is able to float with the rest of the crew and live a long and happy life!

Watch the adorable goldfish swimming in his new wheelchair in the video below and don’t forget to share.

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