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“Just Jump! You Have To!” Cops Catch Kids Trapped In 2nd-Story Apartment Fire.

madison police department officers holding out their arms to catch children stuck in an upstairs apartment that's on fire.

Chaos ensued as flamed engulfed an apartment in Indiana at 1:00 a.m. but then, just in time, first responders arrived.

When the Madison Police Department (MPD) showed up, multiple children and an adult were trapped in an upstairs apartment. The staircase was engulfed with flames, making escaping all the more difficult and dangerous.

One of the children stuck inside began to break windows. In doing so, they provided themselves and everyone with them a way to escape… but it wouldn’t be easy. MPD officers and detectives waited below with their arms out, ready to catch each of them as they jumped.

This was the only way for them to safely escape, but jumping was easier said than done. That’s why the first responders below were quick to yell out reassurances to each child to ensure they’d all get out in time.

“I think I kind of just went into dad mode,” Officer Phillip Wimpee said. “That’s how I spoke to them, calling them ‘sweetie pie.’ It was no different than how I would have talked to my kids to try to get them calm in that situation. It resonates with the rest of us who are fathers.”

Once everyone was rescued, officers and firefighters were able to get the blaze under control. In fact, no injuries were reported – let’s give a big thanks to the Madison Police Department for a life-saving job well done!

Watch the MPD’s intense rescue mission in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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