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Jurassic Walk! Dinos Take On Highest Peak In South Wales To Raise Money For Horses.

Three people in dinosaur costumes look up into the sky, the fog from the mountains in the distance. It is majestic.

When you’ve got 886 meters ahead of you, all you can do is take one prehistoric step at a time. In this case, quite literally. On Monday, Johanna Crowe and her colleagues, Sam and Sharik, took on quite an interesting challenge, all in the name of a good cause.

Together with a few others, they aimed to raise money for KC Riding School and Horse Sanctuary in Hereford, England. According to their Facebook page, they’ve been working with rescued horses for 21 years. Plus, they offer all sorts of fun events and lessons! So, what better way for Johanna to help out than to put some folks in dinosaur costumes?

Okay, so maybe there was a little more to it than that. This fun-loving group brought attention to potential donors by agreeing to complete a charity walk while donning those inflatable dinosaur costumes.

Their journey? An 886 meter trail to the summit of Pen y Fan, also known as the highest peak in South Wales. This formidable route usually takes about two and a half hours to complete – and that’s when you’re dressed like a normal, boring human being.

Still, Johanna and her crew were up for the challenge! And we are oh-so-glad they were! Not only were they able to raise money for KC Riding School, they ended up capturing some of the best photos and videos.

For example, take a look at this video that shows the moment these three dinos took a walk together across the bridge.

While we’ll never know if the nearby wildlife were fooled into thinking they were real dinosaurs, the sheep they came across chose to keep their distance just in case. Honestly? We don’t blame them.

There’s nothing quite like the view folks can get when they stop for a moment to look down below. Even the photographs manage to capture the beauty of the area. The world seems so small and, yet so large, from that perspective. Not to mention the gorgeous cloudy sky.

Oh, and then there’s the dinosaurs, AKA, the best part of each of these photos.

While the folks in these dino costumes did have to take a few breaks, they were dedicated to make it to the end of the trail as they promised. In fact, they managed to capture the end of their journey with what can only be described as an iconic video – Jurassic Park music included, of course.

In the end, Johanna and her crew not only had a fantastic time, they also raised money for a good cause, all while bringing some joy into people’s lives.

“Well, we all made it to the summit of pen y fan as dinosaurs!” Johanna shared on Facebook. “Thank you so much to all you wonderful people that have sponsored us to raise money for kc horse rescue, it is very much appreciated especially by the horses and ponies.”

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