Good Samaritans Break Into Truck To Rescue Unconscious Driver Trapped Inside.

group of people on a white truck trying to break inside to save the driver

Thanks to a brave group of strangers, a potential disaster was avoided.

It all started on a busy Georgia interstate. A man behind the wheel of a truck suddenly lost consciousness, leaving his vehicle completely unattended.

As other drivers passed by, they began to notice that something was terribly wrong.

“I looked over to the right and I saw an older guy driving his car but he was leaned over. He had passed out,” said Juordin Carter, who recorded the incident on her phone.

Rather than sitting there and hoping for the best, several Good Samaritans began to pull over on the side of the road. Some of them even ran alongside the truck, desperately trying to get the driver’s attention.

Once the vehicle came to a complete stop, they continued to try and speak with the man. When it became clear that he wasn’t able to respond, they all joined together in an attempt to break into the truck and get him out.

Despite the number of Good Samaritans using everything they could find to bust into the truck, it wasn’t easy. From a stroller to a tire jack and even a sledgehammer, nothing was breaking through… that is until Jelani Campbell, Juordin’s friend, took a shot at the back window.

“I immediately got on the truck, started kicking the rest of the windshield down, that is when I slid in and unlocked the door,” Jelani said.

As an ambulance made its way to the scene, the strangers comforted the man. They also called his wife to let her know what had happened and what hospital he was headed to.

Moments later, the man received emergency treatment for a medical condition. His wife has since let the strangers know that he’s doing all right.

Juordin shared clips of the tense ordeal online. While you would expect people to be excited and relieved that the story ended with no injuries, Juordin was surprised to receive comments claiming the videos were showing a fight, not a rescue.

“There are still good things out there that can happen even though they tried to portray it as something that wasn’t what it was,” Juordin said.

To prove these heroes were being Good Samaritans, she released the entire video online. In the end, these kind strangers are just happy that everything turned out well – not only for the man and his wife, but also for everyone else on the road.

“Felt good to see people, strangers rather regardless of race, sexuality, politics, political views, or what now come together to help someone else,” said Pastor Qua Tucker, one of the Good Samaritans involved.

We couldn’t agree more! Watch the brave rescue play out in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to give someone hope today.

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