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All-Male Dance Crew Auditions For “AGT” While Wearing 6-Inch Heels.

Every so often, you watch a talent show act that makes you pause and say, “Well, that was unexpected!”

The Junior New System is just such an act. This group of former street children from the Philippines have racked up multiple awards at competitions all over the world. They were the grand finalists in “Asia’s Got Talent,” and they won the title of Senior Grand Champion Performer of the World (WCOPA) in 2016.


The next challenge these young dancers faced was their audition for “America’s Got Talent,” and the young men were so excited and nervous about this opportunity, they were literally moved to tears as they spoke to the judges.


Junior New System has a certain aspect of their routine that has earned them a ton of internet notoriety and has secured them victories in many of their competitions. Let’s just say, it involves bright gold, sparkly sky-high heels.

Junior New System AGT audition

Sure, this group of muscular young dancers hardly look like the sort who’d don sparkly stiletto booties, but that’s where the surprise comes in!

At first, the men are dressed in sensible footwear as they start their dance act. The group incorporates a lot of gymnastic moves with their high-energy hip hop dance routine, and it’s truly a sight to behold.


How in the world do they manage to fly through the air like that, and still stick the landing?


The men all seem to move as one fluid unit, and they’re so entertaining you don’t even notice when a few of them slip off backstage in the middle of the act.

Then the booties make their first appearance.


And they are fierce!

The leader of the group comes out, strutting his stuff in those amazing yellow shoes, and proceeds to blow our minds by performing a series of backflips while wearing six inch heels. He still sticks the landing!


Soon more of the dancers follow suit, and boy, these guys can really work it! For those of us who can barely walk in heels higher than an inch or two, these men are beyond impressive.


Soon, they’re all wearing the heels, and they continue to toss members into the air to do complicated flips. Watching them land on those spindly high heels makes us cringe, but in a good way.


Mel B. is especially enamored by the spritely young dancers.


This dance group would have been impressive without the fancy footwear, but adding it in takes it to a whole new level. This is why we love “AGT!” We get to see these amazing acts that we might never discover on our own.

Watch Junior New System wow the judges and crowd below, and don’t forget to share with someone who’s “high heel challenged” too!

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