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Student Suspected Of DWI Offers Up Unique Talent To Prove He’s Sober, Leaves Unsuspecting Cops Blown Away!

University of Central Arkansas student Blayk Puckett was driving home from the library late one night, earlier this month, when he was pulled over by UCA campus police. According to the officers, Puckett was driving well under the speed limit and had come close to striking the curb more than once. All of these signs pointed to intoxication, so the officers made the choice to pull him over.

Police Activity

Sgt. Keith McKay made first contact with Puckett and took his information after chatting for a few minutes to ascertain the young man’s condition.

Police Activity

Although Puckett did not seem intoxicated from their conversation, McKay had the student step out of his vehicle for a quick field sobriety test.

Police Activity

It quickly became clear the Puckett was not impaired, and officers were about to let him go… but that’s when McKay noticed the young man’s license plate read, “Juggler.”

Puckett admitted that he was a magician and also a juggler, sending McKay into stitches at the thought of witnessing such an obscure talent. To the officer’s delight, Puckett just so happened to have juggling clubs in his car.

Police Activity

What happened next was pure magic. Check it out in the awesome video below!

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