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Josh Groban Pulls Hopeful Singer Up On Stage — Blows Everyone Away With “The Prayer.”

As a young singer, you just never know when your big break might happen.

At a Josh Groban concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Josh spent some time between songs talking to the audience and reading some fan mail that he’d received. One letter came from another “Josh,” and when the singer found him in the crowd, the young man confessed that he was hoping to be able to join Josh on stage to sing a song with him.

Since they were both named Josh and even share the same birthday (February 27th), Josh decided to humor the young man; and that’s how a new star was born.


Josh Groban and Josh Page decided to perform “The Prayer” in a duet together. We’re certain that Groban had no clue what to expect from the young man. They’d never met before, and most people aren’t capable of hitting anything close to Josh Groban’s vocal range… but Josh Page blew everyone away.


The look on Groban’s face says it all! Josh Page is a tenor, and his voice blended beautifully with Groban’s. It almost seemed effortless how easily he harmonized with the professional on stage.


After this performance went viral, Josh Page decided to form a tenor trio of his own, called Forte. The group would then go on to compete, and come in 4th, on America’s Got Talent! And it all started on this stage, thanks to Josh Groban.

Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share it with a music lover in your life!

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