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This Teacher Lost 128 Lbs And Now He’s Helping Others Live Their Healthiest Lives.

A routine doctor’s visit in 2017 turned out to be a wake-up call for music teacher Joseph Marro of Patchogue, New York.

At 32 years old, Joseph weighed just under 300 pounds. He had been overweight since childhood, and he believed the cause was “just genetics.” As a result, he assumed he wouldn’t be able to make significant changes in his health.

When his doctor told him he was at risk for prediabetes and had the metabolism of a 60-year-old, Joseph realized a lot of his problems stemmed from an unhealthy lifestyle. His vitamin levels were also out of whack, and he had trouble with his thyroid. All the signs pointed to working through his bad habits and focusing on his health.

The educator has always been extremely motivated when it comes to his job, but his own needs had taken a back seat.

“I realized I was very committed to work and everything I do at my school – I love making a difference in a child’s life through music – but I was not committed to being healthy,” he explained.

He sought encouragement from his friends, who assured him that he could lose weight if he set his mind to it. That’s when he took a hard look at what he was eating and realized he grabbed convenience and restaurant foods far more than he should. He transformed that habit by learning to cook at home, while he also joined a gym, where he saw how much fun group fitness classes can be.

“I was really having a good time,” Joseph said. ” I was sweating and I was happy to be exercising and building my endurance.”

Within a year, he’d lost about 55 pounds. He then decided to turn his workouts up a notch to overcome the dreaded “plateau,” and at the beginning of 2020, he was determined to get into the best shape of his life. He began following a diet his online trainer developed for him to the letter, and by September, he’d dropped another 70 pounds!

Joseph has become a pro at deciphering nutrition labels and creating his own workout routines and meal plans. He looks forward to his daily exercise now and makes sure he enjoys the healthy foods he eats.

“Once I understood the process and the method behind it all, I just took charge of it,” he said. “More than anything else, I stopped looking at myself as a number on the scale. Being healthy became a lifestyle for me.”

These days, he shares weight loss and exercise tips on Instagram, where he has developed a loyal following. As a teacher, Joseph especially loves to help others learn, so he got certified in nutrition, personal training, and group fitness training. Now he is encouraging people everywhere to get healthy and live their best lives!

Joseph is proof that no matter what you believe about yourself, it’s possible to become the “happiest and healthiest” you!

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