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This “Cat Burglar” Steals Shoes During Nightly Porch Raids And We Can’t Stop Laughing.

If you live in Altoona, Pennsylvania, you might want to make sure all your shoes are present and accounted for!

BJ Ross and her son Gavin are used to their 6-year-old cat Jordan bringing them presents from his nightly neighborhood prowls, but not like this. The adorable feline used to bring home the usual finds: mice, snakes, birds, and the odd piece of trash. Then one day, his preferences changed.

Instead of going after those regular old cat things, he started hunting down shoes. Lots and lots of shoes!

“This past January, I started noticing shoes would show up in my yard,” Gavin wrote on Facebook. “I thought nothing of it and would throw them away. As this progresses over the months, my mom suggested I keep the shoes to find the owners. Well. Thirty-seven shoes later, I have no idea where he gets them.”

As the shoe count mounted, BJ and Gavin decided to get to the bottom of Jordan’s nightly wanderings. They installed a security camera in their yard and put a GPS tracker collar on the sneaky cat.

They quickly discovered that Jordan is extremely active between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. Some nights, he travels up to 50 miles in his quest to bring every unattended flip-flop and loafer back to Gavin and BJ!

The GPS has shown that Jordan not only travels all over the city to find “abandoned” shoes, but he also doubles back to the same houses so he can collect complete pairs. He can only carry one at a time, after all!

After BJ and Gavin shared Jordan’s story online, he gained quite a bit of media attention. He’s been featured on both local and national news, and his new Facebook page (which helps reunite their neighbors with their missing footwear) has over 13,000 fans.

So far, the active cat has brought home more than 80 pairs of shoes, and we’re certain that number will only increase from here! Of course, BJ and Gavin are doing their best to return everything to the rightful owners… much to Jordan’s chagrin.

How could anyone not love this “feline cat burglar” with a shoe fetish? He’s just so proud of himself!

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