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Timid Doodle Sees Reflection In Mirror For 1st Time & Mounts Cutest “Attack” Ever.

You probably can’t remember the first time you saw your reflection in a mirror, but it was probably pretty jarring for your little baby or toddler brain. “Who is that weirdo and why do they look just like me?”

But if you have a pet, you get to experience firsthand the entire thought process they go through, whether it’s delight, fear, or sheer confusion. The first time our German shepherd caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, she tried to make her nemesis fade by fogging up the mirror with tiny, rapid-fire barks.

Jolene is an adorable mini Australian Labradoodle who doesn’t appear to be as quick to judge.


The rambunctious pup encountered the menacing mirror for the first time recently and the interaction was entirely entertaining.

At first, Jolene looks a little unsure.


She spies this “other dog”standing in front of her and goes from frozen statue to play bow to faking a left – all in a matter of seconds. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever!

The adorable pup is known on Instagram as Jolene the Dolly Doodle, and hundreds of thousands of viewers have enjoyed her confused antics since the pooch’s owner uploaded the video.


We hope this little lady never figures out that the mirror is not another dog because we could watch play sessions like this on repeat.


Watch this ridiculously cute “guard dog”prove to the world how tough she is in the video below. Remember to share this silliness with another dog lover today! And don’t forget to follow Jolene here.

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