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Join Liebchen The Travel-Loving Cat On 15 Picture-Purrfect Adventures.

a two-photo collage. the first is of erin and dan geldermans smiling and posing for a selfie with their cat, Liebchen. the second is of liebchen sitting on a log with a large, snowy mountain in the distance.

When you think of outgoing, adventurous pets, you probably don’t think of cats. Cats are generally a bit more fussy and routine-oriented in their everyday lives. Well, this cat is an exception to the rule!

Liebchen, an adorable, orange, rescue cat from Aspen, Colorado, loves skiing, hiking, biking, and paddle boarding around the state with Erin and Dan Geldermans, his meowmmy and pawpaw.

“We just decided, well, he always wants to go outside… So we got a harness for him,” Erin said. “His very first hike… We just took him out on a little trail, and he loved it – like, took right to it. And it was amazing.”

Luckily for us, his doting humans document all their travels on social media. We’ve collected 15 of our favorite snapshots and videos of Liebchen’s adventures for you to enjoy below!

1. Looks like Liebchen has the best seat in the vehicle!

2. If cats could talk he’d be telling us “adventure is out there!”

3. It’s always a good day for a nature walk.

4. Liebchen even has his own tiny snowboarding goggles.

5. He also has a tiny, adorable tent!

6. Even adventurous kitties have a hard time packing light!

7. “Walkin’ in a winter wonderland!”

8. The trees are so pretty, they almost match Liebchen’s fur.

9. This cat’s probably more well-traveled than we are.

10. Say cheeeeese Mom and Dad!

11. We have to wonder: Does he have his own skis, too?

12. This is one truly majestic cat. Oh, and Bryce Canyon is cool, too.

13. Day at the beach, anyone?

14. “When you have 4 miles left of a hike and you’re falling asleep on your meowmmy’s back…”

15. Did we mention that wherever Liebchen goes, he goes in style?

We’re so glad Erin and Dan decided to take Liebchen with them on their travels, and we’re even more glad that Liebchen is so adorable and adventure-friendly.

Don’t forget to share Liebchen’s expeditions with your favorite cat lover!

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