Man With Rare Voice Is Dazzling The World With His High Notes.

John Holiday has the kind of voice that demands attention. Some people even have a hard time believing it's his! Not only is the New York-based opera singer talented, but he's also one of a kind. Looking at him, you might expect to hear a deep, booming voice. But when he opens his mouth to perform, the opposite comes out! He is among the rare few who can be classified as countertenors, male singers with the range of typically female contraltos or mezzo-sopranos. That means he can hit higher notes than most men — and many women! Growing up, John dealt with bullies who told him he "sang like a girl," but he never let their words stop him from pursuing his dreams. His passion for singing only grew stronger from there, as did his gift. The musician sang professionally for the first time in 2011. Since then, he's performed in venues around the world, including Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, and the Philharmonie de Paris. He was also named one of Broadway World's "New York Opera 2015 Gifts that Keep on Giving," among many other accolades and awards. Suffice it to say that his voice, which has been described as "a thing of astonishing beauty," has opened many doors! These days, John couldn't be happier that he ignored his naysayers. After all, he's living out a career he wasn't sure was possible! "It's a dream I could have never imagined," he said. "I'm really proud of my work and I'm so thankful for every opportunity that I've been given to shine." Clearly, he was born to stand out! Not to mention, he's proving that what makes us different makes us special! Never stop singing, John. We need your voice! See him in action in the video below, and share his incredible story with the world.

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