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Dad Of The Year: Patient Dog Waits Outside Vet Clinic To Meet His Puppies.

dog dad waiting on sidewalk for his puppies

Veterinarians are equipped to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations, but nothing could have prepared João Ãureo Rodrigues de Oliveira for the serendipitous day he had recently.

Located at a vet in Santo, Brazil, the day started off as normal as ever. But then João noticed something unusual on their security cameras.

Stray animals are common everywhere, especially in Brazil, so it wasn’t too unusual when a lonely dog was seen wandering outside the front door to their building. Still, this determined pup seemed to have no intention of leaving anytime soon, drawing João’s attention even more.

Despite the fact that the dog wasn’t his responsibility, João went outside to take a closer look. That’s when he realized she was pregnant… and about to pop at any moment!

Without a moment to spare, the kind veterinarian took the soon-to-be mom inside the clinic and quickly prepared her to give birth.

As João and the other veterinary workers focused on helping this sweet dog, another miracle was happening outside. A second dog was caught on their security camera standing outside their doors. Sound familiar?

Rather than discovering another pregnant dog, the vets found whom they believe to be the father of the puppies, who were moments away from making their grand entrance into the world. Not only did the eager dad make it to the building where they were being delivered, but he also waited patiently outside the entire time.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long. Mom soon delivered six puppies, all of whom are happy and healthy! Now, the entire family is safe and waiting to be adopted.

So many things had to align for this story to reach its happy ending: the pregnant mom finding her way to a vet, João choosing to help an animal in need despite knowing he wouldn’t get paid for it, and the loving dad finding his family and staying by their side. What a great reminder that miracles really do happen every day!

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