“Refashionista” Transforms 10 Thrift Store Finds Into Super Stylish Outfits

Dressing well doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank. Just ask Jillian Owens of South Carolina, whose sewing skills have proved more valuable than money.

Jillian is a blogger and self-proclaimed “refashionista” who loves high-end clothing, but hates the price tags that come with it. That’s why she turns thrift store finds into surprisingly stylish outfits. Check out 10 of her most impressive transformations below.

1. Jillian discovered her talent around 10 years ago, when she was working for a nonprofit.

outfit transformation

2. Back then, she couldn’t afford the expensive clothes she wanted — so she decide to create them herself!

3. “While I lacked cash, I had an abundance of creativity,” she told Bored Panda.

4. Jillian started buying secondhand clothing and adding her own special touch.

outfit transformation

5. The best part? Most of her purchases only cost about $1!

6. From cutting to dyeing, Jillian always knows exactly what each piece needs.

7. “I feel like every time I refashion a dress, I’m solving a problem, and that’s an incredibly rewarding and empowering feeling,” Jillian said.

8. “We’re all creative. We’re all makers. And we can all take things that aren’t working in our lives (for instance, a lackluster wardrobe) and find creative and innovative ways to make them better.”

9. Jillian help others do just that by showing them how to “look fabulous while still being sustainable” on her blog, “Refashionista.”

10. These days, thousands look forward to seeing each of Jillian’s new looks. To them, she’s the queen of upcycling!

Who knew thrift store clothing had so much potential? Not only does Jillian save money, but she helps cut down waste! It just goes to show that one person’s frumpy outfits can be made into another’s favorite pieces. Which of these looks is your favorite?

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