Woman Converts Camper Into Her Dream Home And Now She’s Traveling The World.

With zero experience renovating a house or even riding in a motor home, a 30-something named Jessy Muller bought a 1978 Dodge Commander and decided to turn it into her new digs.


After buying the camper, which is now affectionately known as “Mander,” in July 2016, Jessy got to work. She spent over a year rehabilitating it – or rather, her.

It was the greatest challenge she had ever embarked on, but now, nearly five years later, she doesn’t regret a single second she spent making her dreams come true!

Learn more about her nomadic life below, and prepare for a serious case of wanderlust!

1. “I have marched to the beat of my own drum for as long as I can remember!” Jessy said. “I’ve never made conventional choices.”

2. The Minneapolis, Minnesota, native paired her limited renovation knowledge with plenty of gumption to convert her vehicle into a house on wheels.

3. “I learned carpentry, [plumbing], electrical, and a whole lot of tenacity as I rebuilt water damaged areas, redesigned spaces, and updated the overall look,” Jessy wrote on her website, A Girl and Her Commander.

4. “I outfitted her with a composting toilet and solar so I could take my new home off-grid and chase the solitude of nature.”

5. “I am a nester but also love to travel,” Jessy explained.

6. “It just made sense to buy something at a great price and then make it my own. Plus, Mander is such a classic beauty; she deserves to be brought back to life.”

7. After completing her camper-sized project in October 2017, Jessy sold off nearly everything she owned, loaded up her cats, and set out on her solo adventure.

8. “I have had tons of problems,” she said. “There was a tremendous learning curve that was not easy to endure, but I kept at it.”

9. “I want to travel everywhere, seeing all the beautiful sights the U.S. has to offer.”

10. “It was the hardest and the best thing I’ve ever done.”

11. Today, she is encouraging everyone to follow their dreams – even if they seem impossible!

12. “If it speaks to you, do it,” she said. “Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

13. “I have been rewarded tenfold for taking this leap of faith,” Jessy added. “I have met countless amazing humans, seen breathtaking sights, camped in pockets of paradise.”

14. “So hop in, buckle that lap belt, and let’s go!”

15. All of the sweat and tears were well worth it for this grand adventure!

After nearly four years on the road, Jessy has no plans to leave her free, rootless lifestyle anytime soon. Her nomadic journey is proof that sometimes the best plans are the ones that leave your future wide-open!

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