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“If You See Something Say Something.” Delivery Driver Follows Gut Instinct To Save 2 Lives.

Jessica Higgs instacart hero

Instacart’s rules are clear: Drivers are not to enter customers’ homes while delivering their food.

Jessica Higgs usually follows these rules to a T, but on a recent delivery, she had a nagging feeling that something just wasn’t right. She was bringing groceries to an older man, which had been purchased by his daughter. Normally, Jessica would simply place the bags on the porch, ring the doorbell, and drive away. That day, she just couldn’t do it.

“Something was telling me, ‘No, you gotta help this man out,’”Jessica said in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

She explained that the man who opened the door didn’t look well, so when he asked her to bring the bags inside, she broke protocol and stepped inside his kitchen. As soon as she was inside, she noticed a propane tank in the room and instantly felt dizzy.

When she got back in her car, she didn’t complete the order right away. Instead, she messaged the man’s daughter to tell her, “He’s not doing good. He’s sick.” The woman said she would send her son right over to check on him.

The next morning, Jessica woke up to see that the woman had changed her Instacart tip from $14 to $100! Not only that, but she had also left a 5-star review and a comment. It turns out that Jessica’s instincts had been accurate: There was indeed a propane leak in the man’s home, and he had no idea.

“You definitely saved my dad and my younger son’s life,” the woman wrote. 

Jessica was so relieved to hear that the niggling feeling in her mind had been there for a very good reason!

“I’m just an Instacart worker, but if you see something, say something,” she said. Naturally, dozens of commenters were quick to remind Jessica that she’s anything but “just an Instacart worker” – she’s a hero!

Instacart management agreed, stating, “We are constantly inspired by the incredible people who choose to be Instacart shoppers and intentionally make a positive impact in the lives of others. This story touched our hearts and we are grateful for shoppers like Jessica.”

We applaud Jessica for listening to her inner voice and checking on this man! It’s so important to check in on our neighbors. You never know when you’ll be in the perfect position to help someone!

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