Jesse James Shows What It’s Like To Say Goodbye To Dog, The Result Is Heart-Wrenching.

When bringing a pet into the family, it’s as close to being a parent as the real thing. Raising them, teaching them and showing them with love creates an unbreakable bond. Jesse James of West Coast Choppers had such a relationship with his black Pit Bull, Bubba.

Sadly, dogs have a life span of about 10-13 years, which means time with them is more limited than anyone would wish. When Bubba, born in 2004 became older, they found he had prostate cancer and polyps in his rectum…these illnesses affected his quality of life in an extreme way.

Jesse knew he’d soon have to say goodbye to his best friend.


Facebook/West Coast Choppers

In an incredibly vulnerable moment, James shares the final minutes before Bubba was sent to doggy heaven. The way he comforts and weeps for his pup shows the true love between them, below are a few of the sweet owner’s words about letting go of Bubba and the sweet video of their last goodbyes:

“Compassion for your dog is such a sharp razors edge. When they get old and start to break down and suffer, It is so hard to make that decision to end that suffering. We find ourselves hanging on to any tiny sign of them being being ok, or better.

We know it’s denial, but it’s so hard to call it what it is. It comes down to pure selfishness in the end, You not wanting to let them go. Seeing them in oblivious pain is just as hard as seeing their tail still wagging and light still in their eyes. Holding them in your arms and feeling their struggle and pain come to an end. That is the real lesson in showing compassion for your best friend.”

Treasure the ones you love and who love you, for each moment is a gift and as precious as any other. Share Jesse’s touching video.

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