This 3rd-Grader Is $500 Richer And It’s All Thanks To His Epic Mullet.

There’s a special place in people’s hearts for the iconic mullet, but not many of us are willing to rock one ourselves. Jaxson Crossland, however, not only maintains a fantastic mullet, but he also loves it so much that he entered a competition to earn the coveted “best kids mullet” title!

The 8-year-old takes his hair game seriously with his impeccably groomed “business” front and long, silky “party” in the back. He rocks the hairstyle all day every day, so he didn’t have to go the extra mile for the competition. All he had to do was smile and show off his amazing ‘do!

The contest was put on by USA Mullet Championships, but it was their fans who decided the winner! Kids from all over the U.S. sent pictures to the Michigan-based contest, which were then posted online for people to review.

By the time the contest closed, the competition had raked in more than 20,000 votes and over 50,000 reactions! Out of all the adorable entries of tiny faces peeking out from flawless mullets, Jaxson’s took the gold!

Along with the prestigious title of “best kids mullet,” Jaxson won $500! That’s a lot of money for a third-grader, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his winnings.

His mom, Zoie Shepard, told CNN that he bought himself boxing equipment and classes and “enjoyed every second of it.”

Since his incredible victory, Jaxson has been featured across a wide variety of media outlets. He and his mullet have become practically as iconic as the hairstyle itself!

Whether or not this newfound fame has gone to Jaxson’s head is unknown because he’s not signing autographs at the moment. Not because he doesn’t love his fans, but because he doesn’t know how to write in cursive quite yet! Once he masters that, there’s no telling where his trusty mullet will take him!

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