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Jason Kelce Promises To Return Teen’s Lucky Mask After Accidentally “Commandeering” It.

Jason Kelce smiles while wearing a luchador mask as he poses with eighth-grade fan Elijah Smith.

The only person who may have out-partied Travis Kelce after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win is his own brother, Jason Kelce. Even though he’s a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, that didn’t stop him from going all out for his little brother’s big day. In fact, he was donning quite a spectacular look: plaid Chiefs overalls. But his outfit only got better when he joined the famous tight end for parties after the big win.

According to Kelce, who retells this story in a podcast episode of New Heights, he was partying the night away when he saw a luchador mask on the floor. Fittingly, it was in the style of the Chiefs. Despite not knowing where it came from, he didn’t hesitate to wear it for the rest of the night.

Jason Kelce lifts his hands in the air, one of them holding a drink, as he wears a Chiefs-themed luchador mask.

“There’s something about finding that luchador mask that really just transformed the night,” Kelce recalls on the podcast. “It was like I transformed.”

Now that things have settled down, an eighth-grader named Elijah Smith is here to set the record straight. Turns out, Kelce doesn’t quite remember every detail of that fun night. Rather than finding it on the floor, Elijah gave it to Kelce for him to wear during a photo together.

Origin of Jason Kelce’s Infamous Luchador Mask

Jason Kelce smiles while wearing a luchador mask as he poses with eighth-grade fan Elijah Smith.

“I gave him my mask and then he dropped it and then picked it back up,” Elijah says, giving us an idea of why Kelce may recall finding it on the floor. “Then I got a picture with him wearing it and then I just hung out next to them for five to 10 minutes, they were dancing and everything.”

Elijah gave the mask to Kelce, but he only intended for him to have it for the photo. It seems they got separated, though, because by the time the eighth-grader wanted the mask back, Kelce had already moved on to a different party.

Since then, Elijah has made an effort to contact Kelce in hopes he can get his luchador mask back. Turns out, it means a lot to him.

Elijah Smith sits on a couch with his parents in an attempt to reach out to Jason Kelce for his luchador mask.

“Last year when I wore it in Arizona, I feel like every single time I put it on we would score a touchdown,” Elijah says, adding that it’s a “lucky mask.” He also apologizes to Kelce for not being an Eagles fan.

But there’s no hard feelings on Kelce’s part — in fact, he heard Elijah’s story and is working out a way to reunite him with his beloved, and now infamous, mask!

“Operation ‘Get Elijah His Mask Back’ is underway!” Kelce shares. “I appreciate everyone bringing this to my attention, and look forward to uniting Elijah with his mask once again. Your mask indeed brings great fortune, I owe you big time, sorry it was commandeered.”

Elijah Smith screams in celebration, champion belt over his head, as he wears his Chiefs-themed luchador mask. A football field can be seen behind him at a distance.

The mask has already been signed by Trent McDuffie, a cornerback for the Chiefs. Turns out, Elijah’s parents are friends with the chairman and CEO of the Chiefs, Thad Smith. Now, the teen is hoping he’ll get a second signature.

“It would be pretty cool if he autographed it and sent it back,” Elijah admits.

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