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“Most Stylish Man In The World” Models His 10 Best Technicolor Outfits.

Some people want to blend in with the world around them. James Maina Mwangi of Nairobi, Kenya, definitely isn’t one of them. In fact, he wants to stand out and really be seen!

James is a banker and businessman who has become known around the world for his incredible fashion sense. When he first came to Kenya, he was so poor he only had one shirt to wear. Once he began earning more, he decided he would never wear the same drab clothes again!

These days, the father of three is seldom seen wearing the same outfit twice! He said he has more than 160 suits, 300 hats, and 200 pairs of shoes in his wardrobe, and he’s always on the lookout for new styles!

Check out 10 of his best looks below, and see if you can find inspiration for your own wardrobe!

1. James favors bold prints and eye-popping colors.

2. Every part of his outfit has to match, right down to his pen and phone case.

3. He calls himself the “most stylish man in the world, or at least Kenya.”

4. To achieve his look, he said people need three things: “taste, choice, and wisdom.”

5. He once “asked God to give me something different from other people” and said these clothes are the answer to his prayer.

6. He’s become so well-known that strangers now ask to have their picture taken with him on the street!

7. Even his socks, watch, and underwear are color-coordinated every single day.

8. When the novel coronavirus hit, James masked up with style.

9. Posts featuring his colorful outfits often go viral online.

10. It takes effort to look this fly, but James makes it look easy!

What spectacular looks! We love his bold, fun use of color and style. After all, life’s too short to look like everyone else!

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