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Parents Beat The Odds In Cutest Way By Welcoming 2nd Set Of Identical Twins!

After struggling to get pregnant, Jake and Erin Credo of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were thrilled to welcome a set of identical twins named Cooper and Grant to their family six years ago.

The parents really won the lottery with their precious little boys, but they weren’t done defying the odds!

In 2020, the two of them found out that Erin was pregnant again and couldn’t wait to have another baby join their clan. Only when they went in for an ultrasound, they learned they would be welcoming identical twins for the second time instead!

“I took a picture of the ultrasound and sent it to my husband,” Erin told Today. “He was confused. He wrote back, ‘Is that the boys?’ And I was like, ‘Oh no. That is not our boys. That is this pregnancy.'”

According to Dr. Cliff Moore, people have about a 1 in 111,111 chance to conceive a second set of identical twins. Still, at a little over 32 weeks, Jake and Erin had their adorable daughters, Lola and Allie, and it was love at first sight!

After spending a few weeks in the NICU to grow bigger and stronger, Lola and Allie finally got to go home… where they quickly bonded with their big brothers!

The girls have already started forming a close bond with each other, which didn’t surprise Erin and Jake one bit after seeing how close their sons are.

“Cooper and Grant are always snuggling,” Erin explained. “The other day Grant fell asleep in our bed and Cooper gave him a kiss on the forehead. The bond between identical twins is unlike any other connection.”

These days, the sweet family is enjoying their time at home together. To make telling them apart a little easier, Jake and Erin have painted their girls’ nails a different color. There’s no doubt they’ll get the hang of it all soon. After all, they’ve done this once before!

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