Jack Black Offers Sage Parenting Wisdom With Incredibly Simple Trick

Actor Jack Black during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Jack Black is enjoying a fantastic career in Hollywood. He has brought us classic movies such as “School of Rock” and the animated series “Kung Fu Panda.” He recently played Lizzo’s on-screen husband in an episode of “The Mandalorian.” Fans can’t seem to get enough of this larger-than-life star. He is also a parent to two teenage boys, Sammy (Samuel, 17) and Tommy (Thomas, 15). When Jack Black offers parenting advice, he speaks with the voice of experience.


Here’s an awesome tip for helping children with their reading. Did you know that putting subtitles/captions on kids’ shows massively improves their levels of literacy? Here’s a little video of me explaining it. Feel free to share with your friends. #turnonthesubtitles @Turn On The Subtitles

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If you have children, you have heard, “March is Reading Month.” Almost all public schools celebrate literacy during March to emphasize the importance of reading. Guest readers join elementary school classrooms to read aloud to children. Libraries hold contests and special events to promote literacy. With that in mind, Jack Black’s special message to parents is spot-on and timely.

Jack Black asks parents to turn on the subtitles on their viewing devices in the message. This simple trick displays the words for videos, TV programs, and movies at the bottom of the screen. While children watch TV and listen, they also see the words displayed. This simple action helps the children put the sound with the written word, which helps their reading. They won’t even realize that they are learning!

Left image shows actor Jack Black striking a pose at the 2016 premiere of KungFu Panda 3. Right image shows him offering parenting advice on literacy.
Images from Wikimedia Commons and TikTok.

In the short TikTok video, Jack Black discusses how everyone desires “awesomeness.” To attain such a lofty goal, “turn on subtitles.” He reminds us there is time to get our kids back on track and improve their reading. Reading is a part of being awesome. According to his TikTok video, turning on the subtitles can double your child’s reading ability. It is that easy!

Please share this message with other parents in your circle.

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