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It’s Official: This Cat Has A 16-Inch Tail And A World Record To Prove It.

Altair, the cat with the world's longest tail.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Tails never fail,” but when it comes to Altair, a silver Maine Coone, his tail is so extraordinary it set a world record! Measuring 16.07 inches, this piece of feline architecture is now historic.

In lovely Farmington Hills, Michigan, Altair’s human companion, Dr. William John Powers, may have found the key to breeding world-class cats. Now, sit tight, because this isn’t just another cute cat story. There’s an intricate weave of history, genetics, and a dash of feline swagger that makes Altair’s journey captivating.


“His brother Cygnus has the record for the longest tail ever, so genetics certainly played a part,” Dr. Powers shared with Guinness. “But I’ve had four Guinness World Records title-holding cats now, so I suspect it’s likely at least in part to the special diet that I designed for them.” If you’re wondering, Altair is the spitting image of his late brother, Cygnus, who sported a tail measuring 17.58 inches. Yes, tails run long in this family!


Altair’s life hasn’t been all rainbows and laser pointers, though. Dr. Powers adopted him in 2017 after a tragic fire claimed the lives of his previous record-holding cats, including Cygnus. But, here’s Altair, swishing that elongated tail, finding happiness, and making a monumental mark in the world.

For a cat with such extraordinary attributes, you’d think Altair would have a diva-like demeanor. However, Dr. Powers labels him an “oddball”. Altair likes cardboard boxes and a particular diet that may explain his unusual traits.


What’s more, Altair uses his fame for the greater good, volunteering as a therapy animal at local clinics. “Because I have that certificate, my cats work as therapy animals at the clinic,” Dr. Powers said, adding that patients find it much easier to hear tough news when they’re petting a feline of such grand stature.

There you have it — Altair, the Maine Coone with a tail that’s breaking records and stealing hearts across Michigan and beyond. Altair has discovered the right balance between celebrity and simplicity with his outstanding genetics, superb care, and feline spontaneity.

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