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“It Broke My Heart.” Mail Carrier Saves Grandma’s Life Just In Time For Her Birthday.

Seana and Marilyn smile and pose for a photo. Marilyn is in a hospital bed with tubes in her nose. She is wearing a birthday sash.

It’s common for folks to not know anything about the people who deliver their mail, but that certainly doesn’t apply to these residents in Durango, Colorado. Their mail carrier, Seana Green, makes it a point to go out of her way and chat with folks whenever possible. Although she’s had this job for 15 years, she didn’t start the route where Marilyn Schmidt lives until about four or five years ago.

Marilyn, who recently turned 90-years-old, is just one of the many people that Seana has befriended over the years. The two of them love to chat just about every other day. This is made easier by the fact that Seana will park her vehicle, get out, and deliver mail on foot.

“I think of them as family,” Seana said. “A lot of them. I really do.”

That’s why, when she hadn’t seen Marilyn in quite some time, she grew concerned.

“I didn’t see her on Thursday, and I didn’t see her on Friday,” Seana said. “And when I showed up on Saturday and she wasn’t on the porch and the mail was like, just hanging out of her box, and I hollered through the screen.”

At first, Seana couldn’t hear anything coming from inside the home. Soon enough, though, the quiet sound of Marilyn calling out for help became clear. Seana said that her voice sounded weak, almost “like a kitten meowing.”

Turns out, this sweet lady had fallen down and had been laying there for days.

“It broke my heart,” Seana recalled. “I walked in and sure enough, she was in the kitchen on the floor.”

Marilyn was quickly taken to Mercy Medical Center. According to Seana, the doctor who helped her friend said that she was rescued just in time. Had it not been for her, the worst-case scenario would have been very likely.

Instead, Marilyn was able to celebrate her 90th birthday at the hospital, chocolate ice cream cake and all, a mere two weeks after Seana came to her rescue. Naturally, friends like Seana were there to join in on the celebration.

“I am just so excited that it brought us together and that she and I got to know each other, that I could be there because now she gets to celebrate her 90th birthday,” she said.

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