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Is That An Alpaca In The Window?! This Farm Takes Their Animals On Adorable Field Trips.

alpaca field trip

Imagine you’re driving to your local McDonald’s to grab yourself a McDouble. You pull up to the drive-through and an outrageously curly head pops out of the window. After a quick double take you realize… that’s no perm! That’s an alpaca! 

That’s a reality for some residents of River Falls, Wisconsin! If you’re driving around, you just might spot the alpaca residents of Eagle Eye Farms driving around town with their chauffeur. 

alpaca at starbucks

One of the alpacas, Oliver, enjoyed an outing to Starbucks to pick up a “pup cup” of whipped cream. In the caption, the creator promises a video of him trying french fries next. As you might guess, the baristas at the Starbucks are absolutely delighted by this unique visitor. 

alpaca field trip

Oliver is far from the only alpaca to participate in field trips. In another video shared to their TikTok, Eagle Eye Farms shows a beautiful tan alpaca named Gus on an excursion to the park! During his trip to the park Gus even cools off in the water fountain. 

gus the alpaca at the park

Another adorable video shows a bit of a different angle for these field trips! The video is shown from the viewpoint of another car, and you see Mia the alpaca with her head out the window. She is safely chaperoned by someone seated in the backseat with her. 

alpaca in the car

In their latest field trip video, you can see Oliver out at the Severs Fall Festival! The video features a montage of Oliver enjoying the various festivities, including the slide! He’s also pictured amongst the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch and navigating a corn maze (while supervised of course). 

alpaca on a slide

Not only do the Eagle Eye Farms alpacas bring joy to everyone they encounter on their field trips, but the animals also get unique enrichment by exploring new places! In addition to the animals and the people they meet, by sharing their alpaca excursions online Eagle Eye Farms has shared an immeasurable amount of joy with millions of viewers across the world! 

You can watch their “Field Trips” playlist on TikTok to see all of their field trips. 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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