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Irish Musicians Lift Spirits During Flight Delay With Impromptu Performance.

Few airline passengers are lucky enough to avoid the headache of a delayed flight. The dreaded announcement is enough to ruin anyone’s mood, but the waiting game that follows is even worse. So when people at Newcastle Airport heard they would be sitting around for an extra two hours, they weren’t happy.

Irish musicians Daoirí Farrell, Geoff Kinsella, and Robbie Walsh were members of that frustrated group in 2017. They were in England to perform at a music festival, and they could feel the tension in the air. So they decided to do something about it! And what better way is there to brighten everyone’s spirits than to do an impromptu show?

irish musicians play at newcastle airport

With Farrell on the bouzouki, Kinsella on the banjo, and Walsh on the bodhran, the trio begins playing an Irish hit, “The Galway Girl.” In a video of the awesome moment, we see the catchy tune work its magic almost immediately, eliciting claps and smiles from the dozens of strangers around them.

Even people who are frowning at first start tapping their feet, and some even sing along! It’s a classic moment in which everyone is brought together by the simple pleasure of good music.

irish musicians play at newcastle airport

It didn’t take long for the waiting to become bearable! In fact, the angry atmosphere transformed into a joyful celebration. And thanks to the video being posted online, the magic continued long after the plane took off. “Brought a tear to my Irish eye,” one viewer wrote. “Long way from home. Total respect.”

Another wrote, “This is exactly what music should do: Unite people and lift spirits. Good on you, lads.”

irish musicians play at newcastle airport

Airports can be a stressful place, but thanks to these three talented musicians, the waiting became much more enjoyable for these lucky passengers. What a beautiful gift to share with the world!

Listen as they turn an annoying delay into a fun jam session below, and share to spread some smiles.

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