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Hero Bus Driver Spots Baby Running Down Busy Overpass & Springs Into Action.

Toddlers are adventurous and curious and will get into just about anything if you let them. Because of this, they must be watched closely – looking away, even for a moment, can lead to dangerous situations.

Milwaukee County bus driver, Irena Ivic, was driving her usual route on the morning of December 22nd when she spotted a not-even one-year-old toddling, barefoot, outside with no parents to be found. Without hesitation, Irena jumped to action – an act that possibly saved the sweet baby’s life.


It was 8am, the temperature was below freezing, and the little girl (mis-typed in the video below as a boy) was running along the sidewalk on a busy overpass wearing nothing except a diaper and a onesie. Irena quickly stopped her bus, crossed the street, and swooped the crying, panicked girl into her arms.


The driver carried the baby onto her bus to help get her warm, where passengers were watching everything unfold. In a video posted by the bus station, no one seems to be bothered by the commute delay because they are all too invested in the safety of the poor child.


In fact, in the video, one passenger even comes to the front of the bus and offers up her coat to wrap the little girl up to help get her body warm.

Once she was wrapped up and calmed down, the sweet baby fell asleep in the bus driver’s arms while they waited for police to arrive.


As it turned out, the baby had gotten out of her apartment when her mother’s back was turned and wandered off. The police were able to reunite her with her father, and aside from being frightened by the whole ordeal, the tot was perfectly fine – thanks to the quick thinking of Irena!

Watch the entire rescue mission in the video below – and be sure to share with your friends!

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