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Introverts Will Relate: Watch This Hilarious Reminder Of How Our Parents Had Our Backs.

boy in blue shirt looks scolding

Parents often make kids do things they don’t want to do. Chores, homework, you name it. However, they can also be great for getting out of things we didn’t want to do!

Sometimes a friend hang or a sleepover just sounds exhausting. Being an introvert can make social situations a bit tough to manage! Instead of coming up with some sort of wild excuse, we could just let our parents take the blame!

I distinctly remember using my mom to get out of all sorts of things I was too tired to do!

This hilarious TikTok provides a phenomenal dose of nostalgia. Excuses were so easy when we were under the care of someone else!

Tens of thousands of similarly introverted people found the video exceptionally relatable.

“My mom taught me to say ‘may I go’ if I wanted to and ‘can I go’ if I didn’t. I love her for teaching me grammar and helping me get out of stuff,” said one viewer who was reminded of her mom’s genius.

“I told my kids they can always use me as an excuse not to go somewhere,” said another fan, this time in the mother role!

Parents carry the blame for all sorts of things in life, but it’s fun when the parent and kid can be on the same side of the story! Check out this cute and silly video below for a reminder of all the things our parents did to have our backs!

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