They Introduced Their ‘Lifeless’ Son To A Therapy Dog, Soon After He Was Totally Different.

Colonel therapy dog and Caleb

Caleb Howard was 6-years-old when a violent car accident left him with a broken body and a traumatic brain injury. His family had no idea how long the recovery process would take, and after several weeks, there were very few tangible signs of outward progress.


Ben Howard, Caleb’s father, was approached by hospital staff that suggested Caleb should interact with a therapy animal. Soon after, a golden retriever named Colonel was brought to a therapy session in a desperate attempt to help Caleb recover.

The moment Colonel was brought into the room, Caleb’s awareness of his surroundings tangibly and immediately improved.

Caleb learned how to regain control over his hands by playing fetch with Colonel and petting him during downtime. He learned to walk again by taking Colonel on short strolls through the hospital corridors. This simple and beautiful relationship had Caleb more active than he’d been since the car accident.

After months of hard work, Caleb is well on the road to recovery. He’s a happy kid that loves the memory of his friend Colonel, who certainly helped give him a fighting chance.

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