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“Instinct Took Over.” Honeymooners Scramble To Save Babies From Burning Nursery.

David Squillante rescuing babies from Spanish nursery

Honeymoons are some of the most memorable vacations a couple can take, but few people walk away from their trip with a story as good as this couple from Rhode Island!

Doran Smith and David Squillante tied the knot a few years ago, but they had to delay their honeymoon trip to Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, they finally got a chance to fly to Barcelona. They were enjoying the sights and sounds of the city when they suddenly found themselves smack-dab in the middle of an emergency.

While walking to a park, Doran and David spotted a group of women frantically running out of a building. Smoke and a whisp of flame emerged from the building next door, and the couple quickly realized that there was a fire. David says “instinct took over,” and he rushed into the building to see if he could help evacuate anyone inside.

No one spoke English inside the building, which turned out to be a nursery containing 15 or 20 sleeping infants. In a flash, David began picking up babies and placing them inside cribs.

“We were just literally taking cribs with a few kids in (them) and rolling them across the street to the high school lobby,” Doran recalled.

The whole ordeal lasted 10 minutes, but David said it “seemed like an instant.” All of the babies were safely evacuated before smoke filled the nursery and emergency services arrived.

Once the drama was over, David and Doran continued on with their sightseeing tour as if nothing had happened, but we’re certain they’ll be telling this story for years to come!

Talk about a memorable honeymoon! David and Doran jumped into action without a second thought for their own safety, and a major tragedy was avoided because of their quick actions. We hope the rest of their trip was nice and relaxing!

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