Inspiration To Women: Maegan Krifchin Runs Olympic Trials While 7 Months Pregnant.

meagan running while pregnant

Maegan Krifchin has aspirations of becoming an Olympic runner, and she’s continuing to pursue those aspirations while also following her dreams of becoming a mother. 

Maegan has been training for the prestigious athletic event for decades, and in 2016, she almost qualified for the Brazil games after coming in seventh place during the trials in Los Angeles. She continued to push and tried once more in 2020, but a hamstring injury forced her to bow out. 

After that race, Maegan realized she wanted a family just as much as a gold medal. So she made plans with her fiance, fellow Olympic hopeful runner Matt McDonald. 

Maegan Krifchin and Matt McDonald

“My highs were really good,” she told Runners World. “But the lows are pretty low when you don’t come home to a baby or kid when that’s something you really want.”

Around that same time, Maegan took a break from her running career, believing she was past her prime. But in 2022, she decided to jump back into her athletic passions, and she and Matt qualified for this year’s trials.

Pregnant Olympic Hopeful Wants to Set an Example For Women Around the World

In 2023, Maegan and Matt celebrated the beginnings of a healthy pregnancy—and Maegan decided to keep moving forward with her training. After getting the all-clear from her doctors, the 35-year-old ran the Olympic Marathon Trials in Orlando, FL, on Feb. 3rd, 2024, while seven months pregnant. 


And when I thought I’ve seen it all! Running the olymipc trials pregnant! Women are freaking amazing!! What an honor it was cheering her and all the other athletes on! #orlandotoparis #olympics2024 #marathontrials24 #teamusa #marathonmama #fyp

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Maegan Krifchin hopes to set an example for women who don’t believe they can have it all. She also shared that training while pregnant has been a beautiful experience for her and her unborn child. 

“The world that we live in and all the people who have come before me who have done this show that it’s fine, we can do it,” she said before the race. “Our bodies are used to it, and women are stronger than people believe. Our bodies are capable. So I think that’s what’s kind of exciting about this experience, too, to show that.”

“It’s a special bond you’ll have with your kid,” she continued. “It’s testing your body and just embracing what life has, the present moment that you’re in. I want to represent the pregnant women out there that are unsure if they can do something or want to do something—show we can. Show we’re strong, and just test myself a little bit.”

While Meagan did not qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France, she averaged a time of 7:18. With her dedication, she still has a chance to run again in 2028. 

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