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Incredible Footage Captures Driver Yanking Kids From Bus Seconds Before It Bursts Into Flames

a school bus on fire

By trusting her instincts, Kia Rousseve was able to rescue children from a bus fire in the nick of time. It all started when the hero bus driver was on her usual route from Community Academics in Louisiana. The bus started to behave unusually, giving her the chance to either keep going or take action. Thankfully, Kia chose the latter.

“The bus started acting crazy and started jerking and going real, real slow,” Kia explains, later adding, “I put my motherhood on. I have a child, so I thought about them kids like it was my own child.”

Kia Rousseve, the hero who saved nine children, sits in her car as she recalls the bus fire she escaped.

Security footage caught the harrowing moment that Kia pulls the bus over. At this point, a fire has begun underneath the bus. A bystander happens to notice and warns the bus driver. From there, Kia remains as calm as possible while getting the kids in her care off the bus ASAP. The kids range from those in kindergarten through eighth grade.

“I just had to stay calm for the kids because there was crying and running up the street, and I had to get them together, you know, make sure they were straight,” Kia recalls.

Heroic Bus Driver Saves Children’s Lives From a Fire Just in Time

Mere moments after the kids are safe, the bus bursts into flames, making it clear that they had gotten to safety just in time.

“We could have lost our lives. That’s what I’ve been thinking a lot,” Kia says. “Every time I look at the pictures and like, wow, my seat was the first thing that caught on fire.”

Exterior view of a bus that has been burned and largely destroyed by a fire.

Needless to say, this brave bus driver is being hailed a hero for trusting her gut and taking swift action.

“I was just glad that I was being a hero to the kids and being a hero to myself by getting them off the bus,” she shares.

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