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In Need Of Outfit Advice? This Woman’s Husband Has The Most Hilarious Responses!

Adele Barbarop photoshopped with tiger king

Adele Barbaro insists that they key to her happy marriage lies in a shared sense of humor. After seeing a few of the text exchanges between Adele and her husband, we think she’s absolutely right!

Adele is a blogger from Melbourne, Australia. Sometimes, when she’s trying on clothes in a store, she’ll text a picture of herself in the garment to her husband for a second opinion. When she does, he invariably responds with the same picture, but with a few (or sometimes many) Photoshop edits to include the first thing that jumps into his head when he looks at the outfit.

1. Adele shared a few examples of their exchanges on TikTok, and the videos went seriously viral.

2. People can’t get enough of her husband’s humorous takes on her outfits, like this “Starry, Starry Night” getup.

3. He loves to insert figures from pop culture into his Photoshops, including Joe Exotic from “Tiger King.”

4. Sometimes he has to dig a little deeper into the pop culture vault though, like 2000-era Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in their matching Canadian tuxedos.

5. Other times, his choices are obvious. We mean… that’s a giraffe dress, right?

6. Adele can always count on her hubby for an honest opinion, even when the truth hurts.

7. “My husband and I have been together about ten years now,” Adele explained. “Our marriage has always been based on humor and fun. We love making each other laugh.”

8. “I love his honesty rather than just saying ‘looks great, babe.'”

9. Adele only sends him pictures of outfits she’s unsure about, and his replies let her know in no uncertain terms whether he’s a fan… or not.

10. Her first TikTok post was so popular, she had to make a part 2.

11. Our next question is, can we get his number too? We’ve made some questionable choices in the dressing room ourselves.

12. Maybe not this questionable, but still. Not great.

13. The fact that Adele’s husband isn’t so good at using Photoshop only makes his creations better.

14. We are so here for all these 90’s throwbacks!

15. “The secret to our relationship is humor,” said Adele. “Life is busy and chaotic and stressful. Having a partner who makes you laugh, is wonderful.”

Who couldn’t use an honest opinion from time to time? We sure could use one, especially if they make us laugh as much as Adele’s husband does!

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