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Imagination Comes To Life Thanks To 1 Talented Artist And Her Adorable Crochet Toys.

crochet chicken and little girl holding drawing and matching toy

Isn’t it wonderful when you can transform a lifelong hobby into a career that brings joy to thousands?

Violeta is a mother of two who lives in Kaunas, Lithuania. For the past 18 years, she has been using crochet work to make adorable children’s toys and jewelry. She often uses children’s drawings as inspiration, accepting commissions to turn any drawing into a real-life work of art they can also play with.

1. Violeta first learned to knit and crochet when her mother taught her at age 9.

2. A school project in the 12th grade made her realize she adores working with textiles, especially wool, thread, and fabrics.

3. “When I had kids, they started drawing all kinds of criss-cross patterns,” Violeta explained. “After seeing one of these drawings, I couldn’t resist. The idea that it must be a toy immediately came to mind.”

4. Her friends and family encouraged her toy-making. Now, she sells her work on Etsy.

5. “Unfortunately, I do not get to see children with my toys and their reactions since they are shipped by mail,” she said. “But sometimes I get pictures of happy children, and even in the pictures, you can see how their eyes are shining. This is a great compliment and feels heartwarming for me.”

6. Sometimes she spends more time searching for the perfect thread color than actually making the toys.

7. Small toys can usually be made in a day, but larger projects take several days to complete.

8. Just as every child’s drawing is unique, no two crochet toys are the same.

9. “Everyone goes through their own challenges, and every toy has its story,” said the artist.

10. She enjoys getting to know different people through the stories they share with her.

11. She’s made so many of these toys over the years, she could never dream of selecting a favorite.

12. There’s no drawing (or sculpture) too strange for Violeta to tackle.

13. It’s pretty astounding how accurately she brings these drawings to 3D life.

14. Every kid can be a superhero!

15. These toys take an ephemeral picture and turn it into a toy they’ll always cherish.

Such a clever and imaginative way to make a living! We love seeing an artist who finds joy in their work and whose products bring happiness to others.

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