“If You’re Reading This It Means I Have Died From My Battle With Cancer,” Woman Sends Poignant Final Message

View from behind of Daniella T. walking her dog on a beach. On this image is a screenshot from a LinkedIn post that reads: So thank you everyone for making my life so magical. Remember what I said about enjoying the little things

If given the chance to share a few final words before passing away, what would you say? Daniella T. had the chance to prepare a message like this near the end of her battle with cancer. She had a type of cancer called cholangiocarcinoma — it’s rare, aggressive, and there is no cure.

In turn, this young woman wanted to find ways to live the rest of her life to the fullest. For her, this included preparing a message that her family would only share once she passed away. Her emotional, parting words can be found in a LinkedIn post that was shared just three days ago.

View from behind of Daniella T. walking her dog on a beach.

“Firstly, I just want to say that not all cancers are caused by lifestyle choices, in some cases it’s genetics or unfortunately it just happens,” Daniella’s post reads. “In my case, despite me being very healthy and active, a cancer started in my bile ducts which was not caused by anything in my control and my life was never the same again.”

She goes on to share her hope that more research will be done on this “horrid, cruel disease.” This way, others won’t have their lives cut short like her own. Then, Daniella shares words of wisdom each of us can use, no matter if we have a terminal illness.

After Battle With Cancer, Late Woman’s Final Message Inspires Countless

Screenshot from Daniella T's final words on LinkedIn:

As I have always said and believed you should enjoy the little things in life and cherish every moment! Romanticise your life! Do whatever makes you happy and don’t let anyone take the joy of life away from you x 

I LOVED my life. Everything I had achieved was what I wanted. I loved my job, my fiancé, my family, my friends and my dog, and the house we were going to buy and the future we were making for ourselves. Leo my fur baby was definitely brought into my life to help brighten my darkest days. 

So thank you everyone for making my life so magical. Remember what I said about enjoying the little things

It’s clear that Daniella’s words resonate deeply with people from all walks of life. Her LinkedIn post has over 33,000 reactions. Plus, there are over 2,600 comments from folks who now want to change the way they live their own lives.

“We all take so much in life for granted, and one thing I never want is to wake up one day and look back at my life and wonder why I didn’t appreciate more of it” one person shares in the comments. “… I know you are in heaven reading all of these, and I just want you to know the impact you have left on the entire LI community.”

Daniella T. smiles as she sits on a hospital bed.

“I am a cancer survivor and want to project hope to all who are experiencing this,” another person shares. “Where there is breath there is hope.”

The InspireMore team sends our condolences for Daniella’s family during this difficult time. And we thank them for sharing her inspiring words so that others may live their own lives to the fullest.

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