London Artist Uses Denim To “Paint” Incredibly Intricate Portraits Of Urban Life.

We have shared some incredible artists with you before. Like Alexa Meade, the artist who paints directly onto people and 3D objects to create incredible optical illusions. Or Sigalit Landau, the artist who submerged a dress in the Dead Sea for two years so that it would become naturally crystallized in salt. Then there was Sarah K. Benning, an artist whose intricate embroidery skills are challenging traditional ideas about sewing! But we’ve never seen anyone like Ian Berry.

London-based artist Ian Berry uses only one medium to create his art… and it’s something you probably have in your closet right now…

EL+Ian+Berry+Studio++04Ian Berry

That’s right. Denim!

Ian cuts, pastes, and layers different shades of denim jeans to “paint” incredible portraits and scenes.

Ian Berry
1466106422096Ian Berry

So why denim? According to his website, “It is simply his medium for seeing the world, his paint, and what a material to use in this modern world; with all its symbols and dualities, as well as being such a common item of clothing that unites many around the globe.”

Ian Berry
Ian Berry

His specialty is creating everyday snapshots of Londoners, capturing the hustle and bustle of urban life.

As he says, “Denim is now such an urban fabric, after having such rural origins. What better way to capture everyday urban life?”

Ian Berry
Ian Berry

It all started one day when Ian noticed a pile of old jeans and observed the contrasting shades of blue. “Some scissors and glue later, he soon became one of the most talked about young artists.”
Ian Berry
Ian Berry

It’s difficult to tell just by looking at these on a screen, but the pieces are thick, textured, and complex. From far away, it almost appears like these pieces are photographs printed in blue ink, but up close the details add richness and complexity to Ian’s art.

VanityFairIan Berry
Ian Berry

His work is certainly one of a kind!

Ian Berry
Ian Berry

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at how Ian does it!

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