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Teacher Goes Off-Script, Stuns Class With Personal, Emotional Life Lesson.

Mr. Wright Teaching lesson

Students who enter into Mr. Wright’s Physics class at Louisville Male High School may not leave with a better understanding of how objects interact, but they definitely leave with a deeper understanding about life and love.

That’s because Jeffrey Wright is unlike any teacher you’ve probably ever seen or had. He’s brilliant, wacky, and loud, but more than that he’s deeply compassionate and sincere. To understand where Mr. Wright’s compassion comes from you need to understand more about his life at home.

Life was moving along without any hiccups for the Wrights until the day their son Adam was born. Jeffrey recalls that he was eager to hold his newborn son when the nurses came out and said they needed to take him back. Adam’s breathing was very abnormal, 180 beats per minute.

Doctors later diagnosed Adam with Joubert Syndrome, a rare disease that affects only 417 people in the world. Adam is fully intelligent, but his brain can’t communicate with his body. He’s therefore confined to a wheel chairĀ and needs full attention from others.

The lessons Mr. Wright has learned from Adam have shaped him into a man of deep compassion. Watch the beautiful video below that details a day in the life of Mr. Wright… he’s a truly amazing teacher, husband and father!

Share Mr. Wright’s powerful message about love and sacrifice with your loved ones today.


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