“I Smashed It.” Woman With A Stutter Conquers Her Fear Of Ordering At Drive-Thrus.

text that reads “living with a stutter has its daily struggles people don’t think twice about !!!” on top of a screenshot of a woman named jessie davies covering her mouth from nervousness as she prepares to order from a drive-thru for the first time at 28-years-old

When faced with a challenge, Jessie Davies isn’t one to back down. In fact, once she’s proven that she can do something, she’ll give herself an even more challenging feat to accomplish, something that her 2.6 million followers on TikTok adore about her.

It all started when she decided to try and order from a drive through for the first time at 28-years-old. That may sound like a simple task, but for someone with a stammer, it can feel nearly impossible.

As difficult as it was to just decide to follow through with this challenge, Jessie also made the choice to film herself doing it. That way, she could share the moment on her TikTok and inspire others and raise awareness.

In this first challenge, Jessie ordered a caramel waffle latte from McDonald’s. She struggled to get the “W” out, but she didn’t let that get her down as you can see in the video below!


Please be kind 🥺💖 I’m challenging my speech so one day im able to speak about my products at events 🔥 #stammer#stutter#speechtherapy#starbucksuk

♬ Easy On Me – Adele

“Do you know what?” she said. “My speech wasn’t perfect but it doesn’t matter because I smashed it, I did it – I got my coffee.”

And with that statement, Jessie perfectly described the overall message of her channel: Just because she doesn’t do something perfectly doesn’t mean she didn’t absolutely kill it, something she hopes all of her viewers realize applies to them, too!

Even though it can be harder to post drive-thru moments where she especially struggled, Jessie recognizes that those videos can be the most important ones to share.

For example, a visit to Starbucks became one of her biggest challenges to date after she worked a 24-hour shift and got only four hours of sleep. No matter how much she tried swapping and changing her words, something that usually helps at least a little, she still struggled.

Thankfully, the drive thru worker was understanding, and Jessie found a way to say everything she needed to say in order get her much deserved coffee!

Through all of Jessie’s highs and lows, one thing is for certain: She’s proven to herself, and the world, what’s possible when we allow ourselves to not be perfect at something.

Plus, she’s been able to document just how much she’s improved over the last three months since her first challenge! In a video celebrating this milestone, she also revealed that she has even bigger plans for herself in the months to come.

Jessie has become a massive inspiration to millions in just a few months’ time, and we couldn’t be more proud! She has a bright future ahead of her, and we can’t wait to see what she does next – no matter what she ends up doing, though, she’s sure to smash it as usual!

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