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“I Found Chanel In Goodwill And Was Happy. Then My Jaw Hit The Floor.”

chanel goodwill

A thrift shopper had that moment we all hope for—while browsing through a local Goodwill, she stumbled upon vintage Chanel. She also unwittingly walked out with an even more impressive piece designed by an icon who dressed the most high-profile celebrities.

A Reddit poster shared her experience on the subreddit called ThriftStoreHauls. She posted photos of her finds, which included a classic pair of white Chanel trousers and a beautiful 1960s sundress—by the late George Stavropoulos.

George Stavropoulos at Goodwill

While the second name may be lost on us regular folks, Stavropoulos is actually an incredibly iconic designer from Greece. The reason he isn’t a household name is because he typically dressed women like Jackie Kennedy, Ladybird Johnson, and Elizabeth Taylor. So he was way out of the normal person’s budget.

Many Stavropoulos pieces now sit in museums such as The Met in NYC.

The Thrifter’s Goodwill Chanel and Stavropoulos Find Could Be Worth Thousands

In the comments, the thrifter admitted that she had no idea who George Stavropoulos was until after she’d bought the dress.

“I cannot imagine how this ended up in a rack at Goodwill,” a commenter wrote.

Another person assumed the previous owner had no idea what they had, or it was donated by the same person who gave away their Chanel pants.

Woman bought Chanel and Stavropoulos at a local Goodwill

Vintage Chanel clothing usually sells for a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. However, some very rare styles can be worth tens of thousands. Stavropoulos typically resales for a couple thousand to around $10,000. The most expensive pieces were donated to museums after George’s death in 1990.

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