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“I Can Do That? No Way!” Weatherman Gets Positively Giddy Over Touchscreen Monitor.

meteorologist greg dutra smiling at the camera and standing in front of his touchscreen weather monitor.

We all have an inner child that always seems to be waiting for the perfect moment to come out.

For ABC Meteorologist Greg Dutra, that perfect moment turned out to be during a live broadcast – and it might be one of the most refreshing videos circulating on the internet!

Greg was in the middle of presenting his forecast when he accidentally touched the map on the monitor. To his surprise (and also his coworkers’), his monitor turned out to be touchscreen… and he had no idea. As soon as he noticed, Greg transformed from a serious weatherman to an absolute kid.

“I can do that?” Greg said. “No way!”

The news anchors also seemed to be fascinated by this discovery. One of them, Terrell Brown, even walked to the monitor and tested it. His reaction was pretty much the one of a kid testing out a new toy: priceless.

The moment got even better when Greg realized the screen also had a “zoom” function.

“It’s a great day!” said Greg with a big smile on his face (echoed by tons of laughter in the background).

There is no doubt that life is all about the simple things that make you feel like a kid again!

Watch Greg’s amazing (and hilarious) discovery on live TV below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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