“I Am Strong!” Cool Teacher Empowers Children To Become Their Own Cheerleaders.

Anyunna Phillips practices daily affirmations with kindergarten class

A lot of our self-image comes from the way we speak to ourselves with our inner voice. Is the voice in our head a positive or negative one? Is it telling us we’re smart and capable, or the opposite?


Anyunna Phillips wants everyone’s inner voice to be their own personal cheerleader! She went into education seven years ago in order to make a positive impact on young minds, and she’s doing that every day as a kindergarten teacher at Barack H. Obama Elementary Magnet School of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anyunna, who goes by Miss P. at school, has built up a solid online following by sharing the daily affirmations she has her students practice every morning.

The routine goes like this: Every morning, students line up in front of a mirror. One at a time, they take turns looking at themselves in the mirror and repeating a positive affirmation. Some of their favorites are, “I’m strong!” and “I’m not afraid of anything!”


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After each child repeats their affirmation for the day, Miss P. cheers and agrees with them, sometimes offering a high five or fist bump. The kids seem like they’re having a blast, and each one walks away from the mirror standing a little bit taller. That’s the whole point, according to Miss P.

“I want them to feel empowered and to know that they can do anything,” She told Good Morning America. “I want my kids, my students to really learn how to be good people in this world. I really want to build them up, build up that confidence, that self-belief, self-love. Those are all the things that I’m pretty big on.”

Miss P. believes that if her students know she truly believes in them, they will get a confidence boost that stays with them forever. She makes a point of reminding them of their daily affirmation throughout the school day, noting that it “gives them that spark” and makes them believe anything is possible.

The students aren’t the only ones who are benefitting from Miss P.’s daily affirmations. She admits her own mental health has improved since she started the program, and other teachers have followed suit in the school and are seeing success in other classrooms, too.

Then there’s her Instagram and TikTok pages, where she spreads these feel-good messages far and wide.


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“The response on Instagram has been overwhelming,” the teacher said. “It’s been amazing. So many people are sending so many positive messages or they’re sharing their own stories … and they have said I’ve inspired them to just keep going and keep trying.”

Miss P. says the response online has encouraged her to keep going, too. Receiving feedback from other teachers who were inspired by her confidence-boosting message makes her want to do even more to help kids reach their fullest potential and be kind to others, starting with the child in the mirror.

Miss P. has unlocked a valuable asset: her students’ ability to build themselves up! Teaching kids to speak kindly and positively to themselves is sure to make a lasting impact on their self-esteem.

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