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Husband’s Romantic Post About Cleaning His Wedding Band Has Everyone Swooning.

clean wedding ring

It’s pretty common for married women to clean their rings on a regular basis. Men, on the other hand, aren’t typically as diligent about keeping their wedding bands sparkling.

Jeff Hardy is not one of those men. In fact, he washes his ring about once a week for the sweetest reason.


Recently, Jeff posted his wedding ring philosophy on Facebook and tagged his wife Sydney. He said that he’s a “guys guy” who gets his hands dirty a lot. He works on cars, works in the yard, and generally just gets his hands dirty. But, to him, keeping his ring clean is less about the actual dirt and more a symbol of a healthy marriage. Jeff believes that just like you need to work to keep your ring clean, you have to work to keep your marriage strong.


In his post, Jeff says:

Every time I clean it, it reminds me of the small things in our marriage I should be doing. When my wife comes home from work have I listened to her day, like really listen. Put down my phone, turn off the tv, and make her day the center of my world listen, so that she feels like her day really matters to me because it does. While we’re laying in bed watching our favorite show at night did I reach over and scratch her back or play with her hair, letting her know “yes we may just be watching a show together but make no mistake, I know you’re next to me and you are the center of my world.”

Jeff goes on to wisely say:

See you don’t just “fall out of love” one day when you wake up. It happens over time, because you stopped doing the little things, you stopped courting her (that by the way shouldn’t stop once you marry, that should enhance), you stopped trying to impress. Every day I wake to my wife, I pretend she is a stranger that I am madly in love with and think “how today can I make her fall in love with me.”

His post has understandably gone viral – with 100s of thousands of shares and more than 41,ooo comments – many of which are other Facebook users sweetly declaring their love for someone.


Jeff’s small gesture packs a seriously romantic punch. We have no doubt his marriage will last a lifetime.

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