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14 Inspiring Heroes Of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Friday evening. The Category 4 storm packed 130-mile-per-hour winds, leading to at least five deaths.

Though the brunt of Harvey has passed, flooding and multiple days of rain ahead mean that thousands are stranded in their homes or left without a place to stay. But with tragedy and heartache, our country bands together and heroes emerge. These brave men and women are what makes the United States so beautiful.

This Houston pastor waded around his city in chest-deep water checking cars to make sure no one needed saving.


A Sheriff’s deputy in Cypress, Texas, rescued two small children from their home as the floodwaters rose.


Everywhere you look, Americans are showing their true colors.

This news crew was about to leave a neighborhood when a woman flagged them down to rescue her elderly parents and their dogs.

Everyday Texans with working boats are risking everything to go out and help rescue others.

Eighteen people at this old folks home were rescued after they posted about their dire situation on social media.


But humans aren’t the only ones who need saving.

This man picked up a lost dog while stopping for gas. After posting about him, the pup was reunited with his owner!

Residents carried children and animals to safety.

Many have been forced to their roofs because the flood waters have risen so high. Thankfully, the Coast Guard is on the job.

Emergency personnel have been working day and night to rescue people.

This deputy worked 12+ hours before collapsing from exhaustion.


Rescuers aren’t just from Texas, though.

These Bay Area firefighters are driving down from Northern California to help in any way they can.


And the Cajun Navy is on its way from Louisiana.


If you’d like to help but can’t be there, consider donating to JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund.

There are plenty of other ways to donate like giving money or blood to the American Red Cross or contributing to the Salvation Army.

It’s incredible to see such bravery and teamwork amidst such tragedy.

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